What can we help you with?

Would you like to set Gatton as your preferred campus?

Do you crave chips daily, knowing they should just be a one-off?

Would you eat chocolate ALL THE TIME if you could?

Is a single scoop of ice cream something you aspire to?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then keep reading.

There’s nothing wrong with the odd treat. And yes, we all (need to) binge on Ben and Jerry’s at times.

But if your sugar run is a regular occurrence, you may want to consider some healthier alternatives.

The good news is you can have your cake, and eat it, AND escape food guilt – so to speak.

Below is a collection of healthy food swap ideas from around the UQ Sport office that’ll help satisfy your cravings without a hint of deprivation.

Some may save masses of calories, while others are simply better for you than their processed counterparts.

So next time you need a naughty food fix, opt for one of these healthy food swaps and we’re pretty certain, it’ll do the trick.

We hope these help you in your time of need…

(And just btw, we’re not a bunch of nutrition-crazed nut cases. We’re health-conscious foodies at heart who struggle to say “no thanks” to a cookie as much as the next person.)

Flickr Creative Commons Image via Stacy Spensley.