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There isn’t a group exercise class you haven’t ticked off your list, right?

You’ve punched and kicked your way through hours of BODYCOMBAT sessions, tucked and tightened every major muscle in GROUP CORE, and completed so many yoga classes you’ve taught your own pet pooch the correct ‘downward-facing dog’ pose (well, maybe not, but you get the idea!).

Perhaps it’s time to ‘dive’ into something new? Jump in the ‘deep end’? ‘Test the waters’ with a different fitness class? (OK, enough of the water puns!)

If you’re looking to challenge yourself further, we offer a whole host of comprehensive adult swim programs that cater for everyone – from triathletes to those simply looking to keep fit.

Here’s our pick…


Swim is our integrated weekly program that’s designed to improve both your technique and cardiovascular health.

It’s all about boosting your anaerobic threshold – essentially, your body’s ability to use phosphates and glucose stored in your muscles for energy instead of oxygen.

This means alternating the intensity of each session to ensure you reach your maximum aerobic capacity.

There’s sessions that focus solely on improving your anaerobic fitness, by way of short, sharp, high-intensity sprint work, followed by periods of rest.

Then there’s lower-intensity swim classes weaved into your week, giving you the chance to recover and focus on improving your stroke technique.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to be a pool pro to take part, classes are suitable for swimmers of all ages and skill levels (all we suggest, as a starting base, is that you can swim freestyle continuously for a minimum of 400m), and each session is tailored to suit your ability.


Whether you’re preparing for your very first triathlon, or are a seasoned campaigner, Run, Ride, Trans is the ideal launching pad to get you in tip-top shape for your next race!

As the name suggests, this group activity focuses on all aspects of a triathlon event: running, riding (you will need your own bike) and swimming, as well as the transitions between each discipline.

Group runs and rides vary in length (with the aim of building up to competition distances), and you’ll receive plenty of practice transitioning from the water to the bike, then on to the run leg, with the aid of wind trainers (don’t worry, we’ll provide those!).

And when it comes to swimming training, just pick a class time that suits your schedule – our coaches will work hand-in-hand with you to assist with your race prep!


Want to give your leg and abdominal muscles a serious workout? Then Fin Fit is the class for you!

There’s stacks of benefits to swimming with flippers – they’re great for increasing ankle flexibility, can assist with improving body positioning in the water and you’ll probably work out longer in flippers than you would without them!

But best of all, swimming with flippers is just flat out fun!

Just bring a set of flippers (if you don’t have any, we’ve got plenty in stock at the Aquatics Pro Shop) and swim at your own level – our coaches are always on hand to guide you towards your fitness goals!


When it comes to kilojoule-busting exercises, you won’t find many better than Deep Water Running!

Ideal for people of all fitness levels – particularly those recovering from an injury, or recommencing exercise – water running is a non-weight bearing, low-impact activity that can burn up to 2500kJ in a single hour-long session! #signusup.

It’s just like regular running but without the added pressure on your joints, making it a killer recovery workout!

And you can work at your own pace – take it up a notch, or go easy… the choice is yours!

So if you’re ready to shake up your group fitness schedule, grab a buddy and sign-up for one of our squad sessions – held year-round, so you can join anytime!

For class times and details of how you can join, head to the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre’s page.

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