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You know the holiday season has officially begun when the air fills with nutmeg, you find strands of tinsel in every nook and cranny, and the sound of Christmas carols is inescapable. It’s the time of gift giving – time to purchase a fancy perfume for mum, a Bunnings gift card for dad, and the perfect tree-topping present for your closest friends.

The food-loving friend is easy enough to buy for, and you’ve already got a gift card on tap for that fashionista friend, but what about that one friend who takes #fitspo to the next level?

You know the one – they’re often mistaken for a personal trainer, never seen without a green juice in hand, and constantly calculating their daily protein intake. They’re the fitness aficionado you catch snacking on carrot sticks, is an encyclopaedia of perfect weightlifting form, and has never been seen in anything other than active wear.

But what on earth do you get this fitness fanatic for Christmas? It’s hard to buy a thoughtful, adored gift for someone whose closet is lined with sneakers in every colour, wears nothing but yoga pants, and considers leg day the highlight of their week.

Skip wandering aimlessly around Rebel, and pick up one of these gift ideas for the fittie fiend in your life.

1. For the Fashionista Fittie

Keep calm and train on with the most aesthetically pleasing pair of boxing gloves we have ever laid eyes on. Unit Nine’s White Python Boxing Gloves ooze style, and made of (animal lovers look away) 100% real cow hide, your active vogue pal will think of you whenever they get their punch on.

2. For the Weightlifting Fittie

This one’s for the friend that walks like a retired cowboy after leg day. Salt Lab’s Magnesium Spray is a concentrated source of magnesium that can be sprayed onto sore muscles and absorbed through the skin, proving to be more effective than an oral supplement. It’ll improve sleep, enhance muscle recovery and improve cognitive function – so basically it’ll have your fitness friend leaping out of bed in the morning feeling like a beam of sunshine.

3. For the Multitasking Fittie

Part foam roller, part water bottle, this is the perfect gift for the practical, yoga-loving friend. Mobot’s Foam Roller Water Bottle is an ingenious design combining – you guessed it – a foam roller AND a water bottle! Smooth out overworked joints before sipping on a hot Matcha tea, with this versatile stainless steel bottle made for the mindful multitasker.

4. For the Food-loving Fittie

Otherwise known as International Cheat Day, Christmas is the only day of the year your foodie fittie is willing to swap the protein shaker for the cocktail shaker. Make the most of their caloric liberation and have a Sweet Nectar dessert box delivered to their door. Super healthy, super delicious and super ‘grammable, these boxes of raw, vegan sweet treats are personalised to your fittie’s tastebuds. But there’s a tid bit of planning with this gift, as Sweet Nectar only deliver twice per month.

5. For the Adrenalin Fittie

For that friend that’s born to fly, give them the gift of the sky. There’s a 60% chance your friend will actually have sky diving on their bucket list, so not only will you be paving the way for adventure, but you’ll be helping them to cross a pretty epic feat off their lifelong experience inventory. Skydive Australia offers the experience in 18 locations across Australia, making it easy to organise their freefall. (Friendship brownie points if you plummet alongside them.)

If you’re planning a holiday hangout with your fittie friends, take a look at our top tips to have a merry little fitmas.

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