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Billy and Bobby weren't Siamese twins, they just liked working out together

Gyms can be scary places. Group fitness classes can be terrifying for newbies. And swimming pools… the stuff of nightmares for some people.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you have a wingwo/man. (Delete as appropriate but for now I’m going to stick with ‘wingman’ to save confusion.)


A wingman is someone – a friend, your bf/gf or a colleague – who makes all the exercise demons go away.

Who’s by your side through the tough times, who doesn’t judge and who NEVER leaves you hanging.

Your wingman’s on hand for the times when you look like a constipated crab because you’ve got your form all wrong. They’ll be there to correct you.

And the times when you feel humiliated because your group fitness moves are more like drunken swagger than Jagger. They’ll help you laugh off the cringe-y moments and keep going.

Even those feelings of paranoia you get when you think people are watching you lift (not that anyone even does that!), will be gone. They’ll now be looking at the both of you (and secretly wishing they had a wingman).


So when you need that gentle nudge or extra bit of motivation, your wingman’s got your back.

Not only are they your pillar for moral support, but you can use one another as props for an epic, collaborative workout.

But why bother pairing up for your sit ups, squats and push ups you ask?

  1. Because you’ll push one another to work harder, for longer.
  2. Because you’ll support one another – literally (correct technique is crucial).
  3. Because you’ll make each other laugh (the more endorphins the better).
  4. And most importantly, you’ll both show up.

So there’s heaps of reasons why together is better when it comes to working out.

One of the BEST things about having a wingman is that it opens up a whole new workout experience. There’s loads of exercises out there that you just can’t do on your lonesome.

That’s where your wingman really comes in handy.

And we want to show you how you and your wingman can team up to make the most of your gym sessions.

Our lovely UQ Sport ladies, Lilly and Jenny (otherwise known as the self-named ‘Dark Cherry Ripe Duo’ – bit random but hey), were happy to demonstrate some diverse partner exercises to help get you started…

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of partnering up, plus load up on more exercise ideas to help take your workouts to new heights, couples personal training is the way to go.

Double the fun, half the price (well, not quite, but close).

Find out more about couples PT here.

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