Adult Athletics Squads

Athletics Squad Coaching at the UQ Athletics Centre is a fun way to get fit and improve your speed for sport whether this is for Athletics or other various sports. Our team of experienced and nationally accredited coaches can take you through everything you need to know, from the basics for beginners to structuring a program to suit your needs and development as an elite athlete. (Athletes 16 years and above).

What are the options?

Speed for sport Squad

This squad brings the expertise of track and field coaching to athletes who aspire to achieve greater success in explosive sports. Athletes in this squad will undertake a variety of training elements that include speed enhancement, explosive power, balance, endurance, flexibility, agility and functional muscle mobility. Each session will present a different training focus that will build on the previous as well as accommodate the sports specific and individual training needs for each athlete.  

Adult Athletics Squad

Adult Athletics runs on Monday and or Wednesday starting on 7th of March for 10 week blocks. Access to the classes are also included in the Athletics Membership and Gold Membership passes.


Gold MembershipUQ StudentUQ CommPublic
3 monthsN/A$250.00$365.00
12 monthsN/A$735.00$970.00
Fortnightly Direct Debit ($6.00 Admin fee at time of purchase)N/A$31.50$47.00
Adult Group Coaching (10-Week Program)UQ StudentUQ CommPublic
One session per weekN/A$162.00$180.00
Two sessions per weekN/A$292.00$324.00

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