Activities to get the whole family moving

Monday 9 May 2016
  • Sporting activities to get the whole family moving

Muddy soccer boots lining the halls and math exams littering every conceivable surface – the school term is officially in full swing when you’re up to your ears in lunchbox snacks. It’s easy to feel like there’s no time left to spend as a family when your nights fill up faster than a Saturday morning yoga class... 

Swap the serious work face for the seriously silly and make the most of your weekend with our top activities to get the whole family moving – together! 

Just keep spinning

Don’t drive – ride! Get out of the house and onto one of Brisbane’s many scenic bikeways. Explore our beautiful city on two (or three!) wheels while getting hearts pumping.  Thread through green fields on the Kedron Brook Bikeway, meander along the Brisbane River through New Farm, or kick into high gear on the Western Freeway bikeway, winding along the riverside promenade at Rocks Riverside Park. 

Revisit the old faithful

Ask any adult to relive their favourite childhood memories, and we’ll bet ‘backyard cricket’ makes the list. Take advantage of Brisbane’s year-round sunny weather and coax the kids outside for a friendly game. Whether you’re kicking goals or skipping up a storm, nothing encourages family bonding like time spent laughing – so why not make up your own sport? Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

LOVE all

Today’s emerging technology, albeit innovative, sets our kids up for a sedentary lifestyle. Swap the video controller for a tennis racquet, hire out your local tennis court and get the whole family down for a match! Your kids can learn a new skill, or have a low-key practice hit before next week’s tournament. Throw in a barbeque lunch and everyone’s a winner!

Dig in

Kids love getting up close and personal with dirt – the evidence is permanently stained on your little ones best outfit. A family garden can be built and planted in less than an hour, making it the perfect project for active minds. Creating a garden from scratch gives kids something to observe, nurture and be proud of - and if it convinces your kids to eat a vegetable, it’s sow worth it! 

Whether it be shooting hoops, or getting crafty, dedicating part of your busy week to an active pastime will not only create healthy habits, but bond your family for life. 

Ashley Hanger

Ashley is UQ Sport’s Content Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Partial to food of the deep fried variety, Ashley is a self-confessed social media addict with a knack for words. You’ll often find her with a cup of tea in hand, still in shock she made it through a HIIT class alive.