Staying active can help avoid the back to uni blues

Thursday 21 January 2016

We all agree that the holiday season is a time to relax and have fun with family and friends. Sure we like to have some treats, however why not use the extra time to stay active?

We know what you're saying….but I'm on holidays?

Staying healthy and active through the holidays – be it in or out of the gym – will make 'back to uni’ in February less of a hassle!

Remember that mental health plays a big part in all of it and reduced anxiety, depression, and negative mood, plus improved self-esteem and cognitive function are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy by staying active.

Planning in advance will ensure you can keep up with your exercising and healthy eating routine.

We have done the homework and here are five simple tips to help:

1. Schedule your exercise

At the end of the day, you are on holidays. So lack of time should not be an excuse to skip exercise. Pick a time of the day you know you can commit a minimum of 30 minutes to be active, at least three times a week.

It could be a trip to the grocery store, a walk on the beach or a jog to a friend's house. Anything really, as long as it is not couch time.

2. Take your friends out on a hiking day

Brisbane and the surroundings have many national parks within short reach. Some of our top picks are D'Aguilar National Park and Daisy Hill Regional Park, as they make for an easy walk and/or also allow cycling the tracks. With more than 20 options to choose from, you are sure to find one to suit you and your friends.

If you are travelling interstate or overseas, then this is an extra reason to explore a new location.

3. Stock up well

An ice cream here and there is okay to help beat the heat. However, healthy snacks, fruits, veggies, whole grains and all that good stuff known as "nutritional foods" should also make the list!

Smoothies and juices are great ways of having a healthy kick, get creative and treat your taste buds.

4. Search for short-term gym memberships

If you are away from home and need the gym vibe to continue exercising, then why not search for short-term or day passes in the location you are visiting?

5. Join seasonal sports events

Runs are a fun way to exercise with friends! You can use it as a training motivator to prepare for the event and then have fun on the day.

Events such as the Colour Run and Run Series 1 on the Sunshine Coast or the Fun Run Pink Gold Coast are all happening this January. They are great opportunities to keep moving and enjoy a relaxing day by the beach afterwards!

Andreia Virmond


Andreia is a marketing specialist and a capoeira lover and instructor. You'll find her showing some martial-arts kicks during the school holidays at our Kids Club, or at the yoga and pilates classes.