What workout animal are you?

Tuesday 11 August 2015
  • What Workout Animal Are you?

Do you ever look round the gym and see the same people, doing the same workouts?

C’mon we all do it – look at other gym-goers and analyse what they’re doing and how they do it.

You get to know their routines and become familiar with their gym habits.

Seriously, if you’ve never stopped and thought “I wonder why he’s doing his push ups like that…” then you’re clearly immensely focussed on your own workouts. And good on ya.

Anyway, the point is, have you ever stopped to wonder what you look like when you workout? 

Or more specifically what animal you might resemble...?

Yes people look at you too. Not in a bad way of course. Unless you’re being a douche.

But if you’re curious to know where you fit in to our animal gymdom, take our quick quiz and find out what animal best suits your workout style.

“Why animals?” you ask. Just ‘cause really, plus they’re funny, furry and cute (well, some of them).

So which one will you end up being…?

Remember, be honest and don’t forget to scroll down for your full workout animal description!

You’re a koala

While not one for OTT exertion, you tend to climb onto your fave crosstrainer and cling to it for the same workout day in, day out. God forbid, anyone else be on it! 

Maybe it’s time to branch out… There’s plenty of other trees – I mean gym machines – which will give you stacks of different fitness benefits. And don’t worry, they’re all usually in pretty close proximity so you won’t have to look far.

You’re a croc

The gym is your natural habitat, and once inside, you’re a pretty deadly operator. 

Your workout sessions are hardcore. You sometimes even catch people watching you in awe from across the gym – a little too scared to workout next to you. If you’re on the hunt for new ways to kill it in the gym, focussing on your explosive power will make your workouts even more lethal.

You’re a kangaroo

Gyms just don’t really do it for you… unless you’re with your mate(s). Together you hop from machine to machine, then find floor space to stretch out, meaning workouts are sometimes more social than sweaty.

What you need is a high dose of motivation to ensure you always give 100%. Boring routines make you bounce for the door, but a variety of fun, group fitness classes might just be the kick up the butt your workouts need.

You’re a Tassie devil

Rarely seen during the day, but super active at night. You’ll scurry down to the gym after hours for a hard and fast workout. You literally go hard, and then go home. Keeping a low profile and going about your workouts solo when fewer gym goers are around is how you roll.

However, teaming up isn’t all that bad. In fact, a buddy can push you even harder and make those late, lonely sessions MUCH more enjoyable.

You’re a peacock

Let’s face it. Working out is all about looking good and feeling good. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? You worked hard for it.

Plus, if you look AND feel good, that’s a pretty attractive trait and it certainly gets you noticed around the gym (and you kinda like it…). That’s why there’s never a shortage of workout buds to partner up with. All you need now is some effective exercises to do with your wingwo/man.

You’re an emu

You just go and go and go. You’re workout sessions are long and strenuous. Boy, have you got stamina. Once you’re in the zone, you set a steady pace and simply don’t stop until you reach the finish line.

Not all your workouts have to be such a slog though. You can actually get better results from an intense HIIT workout, rather than a fixed pace cardio sesh. You’ll even burn more calories in half the time.

Flickr Creative Commons Image via Kelly Sikkema.

Amy Cox

Amy is UQ Sport’s resident blogger. She’s a peanut-butter loving Brit, who exercises to eat whatever she wants. You’ll find Amy either in the gym, playing badminton or doing the wrong moves in group fitness classes.