Workouts of the Future

Thursday 18 January 2018

Fitness has come a long way since a chirpy Olivia Newton John graced our screens and told us to get physical (physical). 

But it wasn’t that long ago that vibrating ab belts seemed like a good idea, and the Shake Weight stole the globe’s jiggly hearts. We’ve come leaps and bounds, now donning all sorts of fit-tech gadgets that tell us how many beads we sweat per second of exercise, and if our portion control has gone rogue (again).

Sometimes it seems impossible to believe there’s room for new fitness products to hit the public, although according to an independent market research company, the Australian gym market is set to reach saturation by 2020.

Here’s what we believe will be infiltrating the fitness market in the next few years to transform the way we keep fit.

Track more than your health

If you thought Apple’s smart watch had it all, then think again. We’re expecting the health tracking craze to kick off, adding your stress levels, UV consumption, sleep apnea, and blood pressure to the standard array of exercise, food, weight, and activity tracking. Soon these devices will track more than our health, instead inciting model citizen behaviour, enough to make any mother proud.

They see you rollin’, they hatin’

Competitive team sports have fallen to the wayside slightly in recent years, as worker bee culture rejects regular matches in our chock-a-block calendars. Introducing, exergaming -  which is basically Wii Fit on steroids. Spivi Studio has created a virtual gaming spin-off where teams of cyclists compete against one another during a cycle class. Tapping into our naturally competitive spirit, we’ll be motivated (and slightly guilt-tripped) to climb the incline.

When VR and fitness collide

If you can’t find the motivation to run like the wind, try sprints through the Rockies with hungry yetis on your tail. Workouts will move to entertain first, and burn calories second, amusing the impatient population that finds exercise too tedious to commit. Virtual Reality companies like Oculus Rift are already slipping into the market, so fitties can slip away from reality.

Access revolution 

To think: in a few years’ time, even 24/7 gyms will not be accessible enough. Collaborative apps, combined with round-the-clock operation will make your next workout Uberishly easy. Fitties will opt for online workouts over leaving the house, as our schedules become more jam packed than an Indiana Jones movie.

Adulting at its best

If last year’s taste of nostalgic workouts was anything to go by, expect a rise in throwback fitness studios, incorporating childhood playground games into intense full-body workout classes. These kinds of workouts will bring back memories of school recess, and stir up recollections of summer camp, but will inadvertently encourage a mindful approach to movement. It may seem like a step in the wrong direction, but you won’t hear us complaining as we sprint for the jungle gym.

Get cheeky

You test allergies to optimise how your body processes food, so why not test your DNA for peak fitness performance? Along with the standard water bottle and workout towel gifted to each new gym member, a cheek swabbing kit could be next in the recruitment pack mix. Genetic data will take health and wellness insights to the next level, allowing PTs to scrutinise the way a person is built, and tailor a lifestyle to fit an individuals’ biology.

Which health and fitness trends can you see taking off in 2018? Comment below!

All images courtesy of Pexels.

Ashley Hanger

Ashley is UQ Sport’s Content Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Partial to food of the deep fried variety, Ashley is a self-confessed social media addict with a knack for words. You’ll often find her with a cup of tea in hand, still in shock she made it through a HIIT class alive.