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Dust off your leg warmers and ditch pre-dawn boot camps in favour of the trendiest workout in town, barre none.

Akin to a dance class for the rhythmically challenged, Barre has taken Brisbane by the tulle, offering a holistic approach to fitness. German ballerina Lotte Berk coined the craze in 1959 after a back injury rendered her unable to dance, fusing her background in ballet conditioning with Pilates and yoga to create a workout that tones from your shoulders to your toes.

With no fancy footwork required, anyone can take the barre and satisfy their inner-ballerina cravings, getting a hot bod without the years of dancer dedication.

Ready to stretch, sweat and pirouette? Find out why Barre is worth taking the leap.


Plié your way to a stronger bod with a workout centred on isometric movements. You won’t find burpees or barbell lunges in a Barre class, but you will be asked to pulse at one-inch increments that fire up muscles and increase elasticity without tear. These isolated, super-controlled contractions focus on specific muscles, while targeting multiple muscle groups at once, reducing pressure on joints and your spine.

Barre is designed to fatigue muscles to failure, meaning you’ll likely experience muscle shakes that rival that of jelly. This is what makes Barre unique – the quivering means you’re exhausting muscles to the point that forces it to tone, leaving you with a fit, lean, long dancer bod!


Besides gravity-defying dance moves and teeny waistlines, ballerinas are known for having the flexibility of a rubber band. Barre will improve your ability to touch your toes and your natural range-of-motion sans the pointe shoes. The unique workout structure targets core muscle groups that are often neglected in conventional strength training, meaning you’ll spring out of each class feeling like Betty Spaghetty.


Who knew a night at the barre could help you lose weight? The interval-training format of Barre fires up your metabolism, and combined with targeting the largest muscle groups in the body – your thighs, glutes and core – you’re sure to work up a sweat as you squat!

Now it’s time to barre all the excuses and see what everyone’s prancin’ about! Otherwise, build long, lean limbs and firm your core closer to home with our holistic classes including Pilates, Yoga and BodyBalance!


  • A typical studio is equipped with a barre for balance, mats for targeted core work, and small handheld weights to add extra burn!
  • Each session will guide you through a dynamic and stimulating workout. You’ll typically begin with a warm up consisting of upper-body free weights before moving to the barre for bodyweight resistance exercises. You’ll find your core will be torched throughout the entire session as you move between push ups, squats, planks and other powerhouse movements. Cool down will focus on increasing flexibility, and muscle recovery.
  • Classes usually last for an hour.
  • Leave the pointe shoes at home in favour of barefoot and channel your inner yogi when dressing for a barre class. Think leggings, sports bra and tank!
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