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The cold bite of winter can drive us to over-consume on comfort foods like hot chips, pies and pizza. But before you reach for that Domino’s delivery number, there is an alternative that’s just as warming, satisfying and filling…


There are plenty of positives with soup. It’s fairly easy to prepare, you can cook up a big batch to last you the week or freeze it for another day. Plus they are usually pretty healthy.

Soup is great for fueling up before a group fitness class or warming up after a workout in the pool (it gets pretty chilly, pretty quickly this time of year). It’s even a good way to sneak more vegetables into your diet.

Convinced yet? We are!

Now, Jamie Oliver is the man when it comes to wholesome, good-for-you food. So we’ve had a flip through his (online) cookbook and picked out the ones that tickled our taste buds.

Here’s five of our favourite Jamie O soups:

  1. The classic one: leek and potato soup.
  2. The gross-looking-but-actually-super-yum one: garden glut soup.
  3. The easy peasy one: store cupboard lentil soup.
  4. The exotic one: squash laksa soup.
  5. The filling one: English onion soup with sage and cheddar.

Not got the hots for any of these? Find more of Jamie’s gorgeous winter soup recipes here.

Flickr Creative Commons Image via Pasta della Casa.