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Breaking out in sugar-induced sweats, paralysed on a bed of Easter egg wrappers, and bursting with chocolate… Dealing with the aftermath of a choco-pocalypse is never pretty.

Don’t get us wrong, indulging in an egg-cellent Easter feast is nothing to be guilty about (you probably tested out our guilt-free chocolate recipes), but feeling sluggish and bloated may have you dreading about getting back into your gym routine.

Shake off that sugar hangover with our top tips to fight lingering post-Easter blues.


After over-indulging, food is probably the last thing on your mind. But going cold turkey on your sweet tooth could only encourage binging later on. Instead, let the sugar binge slide, and focus on getting back on track pronto.

Ward off the sugar crash by eating nutrient-dense foods. Snack on a handful of nuts or a spoonful of peanut butter to aid digestion, or chow down on a carrot to slow the absorption of simple sugars.

Easter weekend aside, swapping refined sugars (like those found in chocolate and sweets) for unprocessed, natural sugars (think fruit, honey and yogurt) will satisfy your cravings without causing fatigue and the sucrose-induced brain fog.

Are you ‘hangry’ on campus and can’t tell the difference between air fried and deep fried? Check out our UQ St Lucia favourites for a guilt-free top up.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! All that sugar has left your body dehydrated and drowsy, which must be why you’re nodding off at your desk…

Not only will you burn more calories when you’re hydrated, but sipping water throughout the day will flush out the excess sugar you’ve consumed. Adding lemon or orange to your glass will have an alkalising effect, flushing out toxins to leave you feeling revitalised. To boost your metabolism, swig a cup of antioxidant-dense green tea – the detoxifying characteristics will have you feeling lighter and less bloated in no time.


Get your blood flowing to start the body’s cleansing process with a powerwalk outdoors. Working up a sweat will help your muscles resist the urge to store your excess blood sugar, plus the fresh air will quell that sickly feeling caused by hyperglycaemia (the fancy name for a sugar rush).

If you’re looking to shake off those one-too-many eggs, get your buns burning with power-packed supersetsthat raise your heart rate.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up. Take a deep breath, forget the guilt, and stay sunny side up. Never punish yourself for having a treat – you’re only human, after all.

Now there’s no more eggs-cuses (last egg pun, we promise)! Hop on down to UQ Sport – we’ve got the tools to have you fresh-pressed and goal-chasing again in no time!

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