Athletics Term Program

The UQ Sport Kids Athletics term program is offered weekday afternoons during the school term. Our program provides professional athletics coaching for kids aged 6-17 years old, giving kids the opportunity to get some exercise after school and develop their skills in a range of athletics events.

Our athletics coaches fully welcome parents' involvement so please feel free to observe and ask questions while the program is underway.

To enrol in our Kids Athletics programs, please call us on (07) 3365 7492, or come along to the Athletics Centre and a member of staff will be happy to enrol your child!

What are the options?

Lower Primary (6-8 years)

The Lower Primary program is designed to improve movement patterns, which benefits your child in all sporting aspects. Children will be introduced to basic Sprints, Jumps and Throws and will develop on these, through the Term, all while having fun and making new buddies.   

Upper Primary (9-12 years)

The Upper Primary program continues on from the Lower Primary program. The main focus is still on having fun while learning to compete. This program will focus on further improving agilty, balance and coordination through each event with the introduction of Hurdles, Relays and Javelin.  

Junior Athletics Squad (13-17 years)

Our Junior Athletics Squad provides more advanced technical coaching in sprints, jumps and throws, with the further introduction of high jump flop and triple jump.  The squad currently consists of a large number of state and national champions, whose programs are developed through the year to meet competition goals. If you believe your child is eligible for this high performance squad, please contact Patricia Boyle (Athletics Coach) on 0418146844 or






Lower Primary

16 July  - 21 September

Tuesday or Thursday 

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Upper Primary

16 July – 21 September

Tuesday or Thursday

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Junior Athletics Squad

16 July – 21 September

Monday and/or Wednesday

4:00pm - 5:15pm


Lower and Upper PrimaryUQ StudentUQ CommPublic
10 week program (Tuesday)$140.00$140.00$140.00
10 week program (Thursday)$140.00$140.00$140.00
Junior Athletics SquadUQ StudentUQ CommPublic
10 week program (Monday)$155.00$155.00$155.00
9 week program (Wednesday)$139.50$139.50$139.50
Two sessions per week (Monday and Wednesday)$247.00$247.00$247.00
Junior All Comers MeetUQ StudentUQ CommPublic
Entry Fee$12.00$12.00$12.00

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Grandstand, Playing Field No. 5 (29A)

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