Bubble Club

Float, drift and bob with other expectant mothers, swapping pregnancy stories between dips. We encourage a maternal support system through our Facebook group, allowing mums-to-be to connect outside the pool during and post pregnancy. After the bubble pops, buddy up with other new mums to watch bub while you swim laps, or simply grab a coffee poolside to exchange newborn tales. Don't forget to check in with your health care professional before jumping back in the pool. 

Babies have a natal attraction to water. In fact, being in warm water feels more familiar to them than being on dry land. Continue to make a splash with your new bub in our infant swim classes, introducing your little one to water safety through the use of games, singing and playing with toys.

Taking a dip together will strengthen your mum-and-bub bond, with the ample benefits moving beyond the pool. Having a paddle can improve your bubs’ coordination and balance, boost water confidence, build strength and develop learning skills. Not to mention our heated pools will relax your little one and stimulate their appetite, meaning improved sleeping and eating patterns.

Float on by our Aquatic Centre to keep calm and swim during your pregnancy. To sign up to this program please complete the Maternity Pass Registration form or contact us on (07) 3365 6047 to secure your Maternity Pass.

Is bub growing up to be a water baby? Make waves on teaching your little one vital water safety skills with our Learn to Swim programs. We offer year round swimming classes catering to all skill levels, from just testing the waters in Tadpoles, to taking the plunge in the Swordfish. Our main focus is encouraging kids to enjoy the water, boosting their confidence and abilities through play.

Enrol in our Learn-to-Swim classes to continue the fun, while teaching your child invaluable water skills. Contact our friendly staff on (07) 3365 6047 who will help you find the perfect class for your little one. 

What are the options?

Maternity Pass

Enjoy the benefits of swimming to keep healthy during and post pregnancy with a free 14 month pass to the Aquatics Centre.

The Maternity Pass is valid for 14 months from date of application, and please be aware women must be pregnant at time of applying. Please see below for free program times. 

Infant Learn-to-Swim

Make waves teaching your child vital water safety skills. We offer free classes for our students aged between 4-6months when booked into our Tadpoles Learn-to-Swim Classes.

Classes must be booked for the duration of the term, and please be aware babies must wear an aqua nappy whilst in the water. Parent participation is required.


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Current program

Program Days Times
Maternity Pass

Tuesday and Thursday


8am - 11am

1 - 2:30pm


Monday - Friday 

Saturday and Sunday

8am - 11am

7:30am - 11am



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