Build strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness in this 5-week Brazilian martial arts course that combines music, dance and acrobatics! You’ll learn the basic skills of Capoeira, including attack and defence, to prepare for improvisation in the Roda – the circle in which the practice of Capoeira takes place.

This course is as dynamic as it is fun, as you play-fight with new chums in a fun, energetic and lively environment. An excellent workout for both the body and the mind, your flexibility, coordination and self-confidence will soar.

INSTRUCTOR: Alessandra Donato and Prof. Perere

To enrol, give us a call on 3365 6612 or head into the Fitness Centre.

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Capoeira UQ StudentUQ CommPublic
5 Week$50.00$55.00$105.00
Casual Entry$14.00$16.00$22.00

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Course Dates

Capoeira runs Wednesday 12-1pm

First round: 8, 22, 29 August. 5 and 12 September
No class 15 August

Second round: 19 September, 3, 10, 17 and 24 October
No class 26 September

What to Bring

Receipt, water, comfortable and unrestrictive clothing


UQ Sport Fitness Centre (25)