Junior Tennis Tournaments

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year for your kids to develop their tennis skills by participating in our junior tennis tournaments. It’s a chance for them to enjoy the fun and excitement of a competition-based environment while building up their match experience.

The next Hot Shots Tournament and BBQ will be held on Sunday 17 June from 8:30am - 12:00pm. 

Enrolments open 2 June. 

What are the options?

Hot Shots Tournaments

Our Hot Shots Tournaments are a fun way for kids to get competitive. They'll play against other kids in their skill level, get a feel for real match play and maybe even win a trophy!

Held each term, these tournaments are a great day out for the whole family as you watch your mini tennis superstars put their skills into action.

Suitable for Red Ball 2, Orange Ball, Green Ball and Yellow Ball.

The next Hot Shots Tournament and BBQ will be held on Sunday 17 June from 8:30am - 12:00pm

Enrolments open 2 June. 

UQ AGE Tournament

UQ AGE Tournament is a gold series junior tennis tournament hosted by Tennis Australia attracting the top junior players from state, national and international levels.

This tournament is run over four days in January each year with participants aged 9-16.

UQ Sport AMTs

AMTs (Australian Money Tournaments) are semi-professional tournaments designed to create quality match play opportunities and help post-junior players transition to the next level of tennis.

This tournament not only offers a total prize pool of over $2500 but also allows participants to earn professional ranking points.


UQ StudentUQ CommPublic
Red Ball (10am - 12pm)N/A$20.00$20.00
Orange, Green, Yellow (8:30am - 12pm)N/A$25.00$25.00

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