Learn-to-Swim Holiday Program

Class sizes are small to ensure children receive maximum supervision and enjoyment. Each class runs for 30-60 minutes and participants can attend every day of the week for all levels. These intensive lessons provide children with ample practice time to develop many new skills and to overcome any hurdles.

Learn-to-Swim classes are held both in the Program Pool and the 25m Pool, with the water heated to 33°C and 29°C respectively, year-round.

Please note: make-up classes are not available for holiday intensive programs. Refunds are provided on presentation of a medical certificate. 

Spring Holiday program enrolments open 19 August!

What are the options?


Ideal for children with little-to-no swimming experience, Turtles is a calm and relaxed environment for kids who may have a fear of water, or separation anxiety. Turtles helps children develop their kicking and floating abilities, and introduces important skills such as streamline, submersion and safe entries and exits. 

Age: 3+ years (children with no swimming experience)
Instructor-Student Ratio: 1:3
Lesson Duration: 45 minutes


Starfish is recommended for children who have participated in Learn-to-Swim classes for at least 12 months, and are comfortable swimming without their parents. In Starfish, children are taught to extend their streamline, and kick on their back without assistance. Basic freestyle skills are also introduced.

Age: 3+ years (children with 12 months’ swimming experience)
Instructor-Student Ratio: 1:3
Lesson Duration: 45 minutes 


In Octopus, children continue to develop their freestyle and breathing skills, while also beginning to perform backstroke. Kids are also taught to coordinate a smooth, continuous stroke.

Age: Ability-assessed
Instructor-Student Ratio: 1:4
Lesson Duration: 45 minutes


The first of our stroke development-focused Learn-to-Swim classes, Crocodiles is designed to help children further develop their freestyle and backstroke skills, and refine their technique. In this level, kids are also introduced to the breaststroke kick, and taught to swim over greater distances.

Age: Ability-assessed
Instructor-Student Ratio: 1:5
Lesson Duration: 45 minutes


In Stingrays, the focus is on children honing their freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique. Kids are also introduced to advanced diving skills.

Age: Ability-assessed
Instructor-Student Ratio: 1:6
Lesson Duration: 45 minutes 


Learn-to-Swim Holiday Intensives**UQ StudentUQ CommPublic
Week 1 (5 days) N/A$135.00$135.00
Week 2 (5 days) N/A$135.00$135.00


Date Day

Week 1: 18 - 22 September

Week 2: 25 - 29 September

Monday - Friday

Monday - Friday




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