School Holidays All Comers Meet

Welcoming all secondary school kids, these events take place in the September-October school holidays each year as a part of the UQ Sport Spring Meet Series. Please see the bottom of this page for program details.

To enrol in Meet One to Meet Four, see the Spring Meet Series 2016 page. To enrol in Meet Eight, see the 1500m Classic page.

Please note that this enrolment is your intent to compete. Athletes will be allocated a number for the meet. Pre-registered athletes please report to the meeting room to receive their allocated number.


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School Holidays All Comers MeetUQ StudentUQ CommPublic
Entry fee (athletes 12 years and over)N/A$12.00$12.00

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The University of Queensland, Sir William MacGregor Drive, St Lucia, QLD 4067

Grandstand, Playing Field No. 5 (29A)

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