Social Sport Terms and Conditions

Please note for full Terms and Conditions related to online bookings and enrolments, please click here.

Thank you for enrolling in a Social Sport Competition with UQ Sport. To ensure your team is ready for the season, we would like to provide your team with some important information.

All policies and procedures are designed for everyone involved in the competitions to ensure they are fun, social and safe. Teams must be aware of the Terms & Conditions and agree to them BEFORE enrolling. The acceptance of the Social Sport Terms & Conditions includes those listed on the website, as well as those listed here.

Your team’s enrolment

Once you have successfully enrolled in your desired competition, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your Team Contact. It is the Team Contact’s responsibility to check that the enrolment listed is correct and to inform the Competitions Coordinator of any change needed. The initial e-mail will also contain information about the upcoming season.

Your team must be available to play in all time slots indicated for your competition. All players are also required to bring a form of PHOTO ID for the Convenor to check when signing the team registration form for every game.

All correspondence regarding the competitions will be sent to the Team Contact throughout the season, primarily through email. This can include updates, news and draw information.

All draws will be constructed once the enrolments have closed and will be released to teams as soon as possible. A notice will be sent to the Team Contact regarding the draw, including where and how to access it.

There is also a link on the Social Sport website which details how the draw is constructed for each competition. Please note that the draw for the first seven (7) weeks is different to the Finals, and that all teams are involved in ten (10) weeks of competition. Players must have played a minimum of four (4) games to be eligible to play in the quarter final, semi-final and grand final games.


For competitions with two (2) or more pools, grading will be implemented. The first three (3) weeks of the competition will be grading weeks. After the grading weeks, the pools will be announced and the competition will continue from this point.

Feedback, suggestions and comments

We encourage all players to provide as much feedback as possible through the entire season. The valuable feedback we received enables us to constantly improve the competitions.

Complaints and concerns

If you have a serious complaint or concern regarding another players, teams or officials conduct, we encourage you to lodge a Social Sport Grievance Form. This form can be found through the Social Sport website.

The grievance lodged must describe the incident that occurred in a factual manner and will be reviewed by UQ Sport Management. More details are provided on the website.

For any other feedback please fill out the Customer Feedback Form.

Insurance procedures

If any injury occurs during the game, it is the responsibility of the player to alert the officials and seek First Aid. First Aid should be obtained from the Convenor, and not the venue personnel. The officials will stop the game where necessary.

The injured player must fill out an Incident Report Form (supplied by the Convenor), no matter how minor the injury is. Insurance claims cannot be made without this form being completed at the time of the injury.

The games

When you arrive at your first game, you need to provide a list of your team’s players to the Convenor. The Convenor will also provide your Team Captain with the following:

  • Players List – an attendance form for your team, as per your supplied team list. This attendance form must be filled in every game with PHOTO ID to ensure all players who go through to the finals have played at least three (3) games.
  • Participant Waiver Forms – to be completed in full with a dated signature by all players.

For Netball and Basketball, the officials will also provide you with the scorecards, and your team will need to assign someone to keep score for the game (shared with the opposing team).

For all fixtures, the Team Captain needs to sign the scorecards at the end of the matches to verify the score. The scores will be updated on the website within two (2) working days.

All teams must turn up at least ten (10) minutes before their game and notify the Convenor of their attendance. If any team arrives more than five (5) minutes after the starting time of their game, then the match shall be forfeited.


If a team cannot get enough players together for a match they must inform the Competitions Coordinator as soon as possible. Contact details are listed below. Notice needs to be given at least twenty-four (24) hours before the game day for a weekday, and for a weekend game, notice must be given the Friday before the game, before 3.00pm. This time allows the Competitions Coordinator to ring the other team to let them know of the forfeit.

Please note that the Competitions Coordinator reserves the right to ask a team to leave the competition, without refund, should they forfeit more than two (2) games and do not provide a valid reason. In this instance, what is deemed "valid" shall be at the sole discretion of the Competitions Coordinator.


The rules for each of the sports are available on the individual Social Sport web pages.

It is the responsibility of all the players to ensure they know and adhere to the rules. If you have any questions regarding the rules, they should be addressed to the appropriate official before the games begin.

Due to time restraints, officials reserve the right not to explain their rulings during a game. However, players are welcome to approach the officials during the breaks or after a game if they are unsure of a ruling.

Any official’s rulings are final and no arguments, rude, abusive or disrespectful behaviour will be tolerated should a player or team disagree with the ruling.

If a player believes that the official’s rulings are consistently unfair and are detrimental to their game, then they may approach the Convenor of the sport. The Convenor will then act as an unbiased “second official” to determine whether the rulings are fair and assist the official where necessary. Any rulings made by the Convenor, including those regarding the game or conduct, are final.

Conduct of players and teams

The emphasis in this competition is on enjoyment, social atmosphere and skill development. While competitiveness is not discouraged, it should be remembered that novice players need some encouragement and the “win at all costs” philosophy is not appropriate.

Players must conduct themselves in a way that is respectful, safe and positive for all involved in the competitions. There will be no tolerance of rude, abusive, derogatory or other negative behaviour.

A formal complaint and disciplinary procedure exists so that action can be taken against teams or players that display poor conduct.

NO REFUND will be provided if a player or an entire team are asked to leave the competition, at any stage, due to poor conduct.

Should any player or team be found to consistently damage equipment, venue apparatuses or other associated materials, despite warnings, they shall be suspended from the competition and be required to pay for damages incurred.

Social sport officials

The officials at the games can include:


Convenor: available for general overview, first aid, administration and assistance of referees and umpires. The Convenor is the Manager on Duty at all times. All disputes, complaints or enquires must be directed to the convenor at the venue.

Wet weather

Should there be inclement weather before games; the Competitions Coordinator will decide whether or not the fixtures will go ahead. Once a decision has been made to suspend the games, all team captains will be notified and a post will be put on the UQ Sport Social Sport Facebook page.

Please note that reception will not have the necessary information regarding wet weather – the information will only be supplied through the team captains and UQ Sport Social Sport Facebook page.

Team Captains will be notified when games have been cancelled. If team captains are not called or a post is not put on the Facebook page, then it should be assumed that the game is going ahead as planned.


Netball bibs are available to purchase from UQ Sport Fitness Centre reception desk for $60 per set during game nights. Should you team forget your bibs, you may borrow a set from the Netball Convenor. However, teams may only borrow bibs for a maximum of two (2) games throughout the season.

Bibs are provided for the other sports where opposing teams may have the same coloured shirts. However, a PHOTO ID must be supplied as a bond to use the bibs.

Contact details

For all enquires regarding Social Sport please contact:

(07) 3365 6612