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Do you sometimes dream of having a washboard tummy like Michelle Bridges or the ripped abs of the Commando? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy! Try this 30-minute workout…

Want some nice definition in your stomach and waist? A Group Core class is your answer. You’ll perform bodyweight exercises and use equipment to develop a strong core from your shoulders down to your hips.

Here’s what the class includes:

  • To begin you’ll get your core in motion with squats, lunges and planks.
  • After getting warmed up you’ll complete some standing exercises like half burpees and single-leg deadlifts.
  • Next you’ll move onto non-standing exercises which focus on your back.
  • The class then transitions to core stability using prone position exercises like planks and hovers.
  • Your final push will condition the core using dynamic movement-based exercises like bicycles and crunches.
  • The session then wraps up with a series of exercises to help you cool down.

Group Core is one of our many heart-pumping group fitness classes. It’s great for preventing back pain, improving stability and getting ripped abs!

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