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It’s that time of semester again.

Assignments are due, exams are looming and there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Every minute that you spend away from studying feels like a waste of your precious time… yet you feel like you’re going stir crazy.

Well, as it turns out, taking a break can actually be beneficial.

Studies have found that stepping away your desk to exercise has positive effects on brain function. This is  because exercise increases your heart rate and blood circulation, resulting in a whole host of benefits, including improved memory, higher energy levels and sharper focus.

Exercise is also an effective way to combat stress. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins (chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers). This allows your body to reduce stress levels and improves your ability to sleep, meaning you’ll feel calmer and less restless.

The best part? You don’t have to slog it out on the treadmill for two hours to reap these benefits. As little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can do the trick  the perfect amount of time to sneak some cheeky exercise into your study day!

No excuses! It’s time to hit the gym, then the books.


Only have half an hour to spare to unleash some study rage? HIIT is definitely for you!

HIIT (high intensity interval training) will provide you with an effective study break workout in which you can release all of that pent-up emotion and energy at your textbook/lecturer/life.

By combining short bursts of effort where the body is pushed hard, followed immediately by periods of extended rest, this class give you a full body workout that will increase your heart rate and get that blood circulating.

This time-efficient and effective workout will leave you feeling energised afterwards. You may even be ready to take on that difficult practice question you’ve been putting off!


If the stress of exams is making you lose your Zen, it’s time to step away from the books and onto a yoga mat.

Connect and refresh your mind and body with a flowing series of yoga poses in Flow Hatha.

Not only will you get to mentally chill out for an hour without guilt, the class will also help you build muscle tone, balance and flexibility. This is achieved by focusing on your breathing and body alignments.

Even though you’re not sweating it out, you’ll still reap all the benefits that exercise has to provide!

Plus, you’ll receive a well-deserved mental break that’s much more effective than binge watching the past three episodes of Game of Thrones… Just sayin’!


Exams stolen the spring in your step?

A study by the British Medical Journal found that short 10 to 40-minute bursts of walking or running resulted in an immediate boost in concentration and mental focus.

The researchers also found that these benefits were likely to last a few hours – perfect for a study session or an exam.

The biggest bonus? It’s easy to fit into your busy schedule! Simply go for a lunchtime walk around campus or run down the road to grab yourself a coffee in the morning.

Not only will you feel better, the quality of your study will improve dramatically!


Want to break free(style) from the oppression (formally known as exams) for a while?

Pop on down to the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre for a quick swim and kick your worries away!

Whether you’re swimming slowly with a kickboard or racing  to clear your mind, swimming is an effective whole body workout. It will get blood flowing to the brain, and – because of the low impact swimming has on your body – will leave you feeling refreshed.

Note: the pool is heated, so no excuses!


If studying to ace your exams is getting you down, you might be in need of another ‘ace’ in your life.

Hire a court down at the UQ Sport Tennis Centre to hit and serve your stress away!

Not only will hitting a ball full pelt relieve any tension you may be feeling, but you will also get to run around and enjoy being outside for a while.

This study break will leave you feeling energised, more alert and ready to smash your exams.

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