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It’s 5am. You’ve just hit snooze for the third time. Who are you kidding? You’re not getting up for that run you promised yourself yesterday. And what’s worse… you actually believe yourself when you say you’ll go after work instead.

Don’t worry. We know exactly how you feel – running can be boring – and it can be extremely hard to stick at it when the sun starts to rise a little later each day. Instead, quit negotiating with yourself through closed eyes, jump up, and take these five awesome apps for a spin around the block.


It’s no secret that music can motivate runners and make exercise more enjoyable when you’re full steam ahead, but not everyone is going to push a little harder when Eminem plays for the 10th time in an hour. Instead, tap into an app of a different kind and take your mind off the long list of chores waiting for you back home.

Zombies, Run! is designed to step up your heartrate through storytelling while running. As you’re dropped in the centre of a zombie apocalypse from the moment you plug in your pods, you’ll attempt to outrun zombies and collect supplies through a guided mission of your choice. Whether you’re looking to keep pace, introduce interval running or just zone out, this app is definitely something to check out. But be careful, it’s addictive so be sure to fuel up!


Sticking to the storytelling theme, Runtastic allows users to download audiobooks and short stories within the app which have been curated specifically for the purpose of running. With both fiction and non-fiction options, and capped anywhere between 30 – 40 minutes, Runtastic Story Running is perfect for those of us who are painfully aware when a 4-minute song finishes – even though it feels like you’ve run cross-country!


If you’re looking for more than music but perhaps Zombies chasing you down the street is shall we say, too far, then Aaptive is your best bet. With guided audio through one ear and upbeat music in the other, this app has perfectly combined two of the best motivators out there.

Boasting over 150 new workouts each month, the app covers everything from running (indoors and outdoors) yoga, meditation, elliptical, stairmaster, and stacks more – so you’ll never get bored! Plus, if the trainer in your ear isn’t quite floating your boat, you can switch and find a new one. For runners in particular, there’s also training programs to get you ready for your next marathon.


You gotta iPad? You gotta gym. This app is for the indoor runners who want to feel the fresh air on their face, or at least pretend the aircon is coming from an exotic location. With BitGym, users are able to stream a driver’s seat view of scenic trails from all over the world with just their iPad or TV. This similar to how betting apps works when it comes to sports betting.

By simply setting up your device in front of you, you’re able to tap into over 100 virtual trails and explore locations like Santa Cruz, the Grand Canyon, or European destinations like Venice – providing the perfect visual to zone out and relax.


BSafe isn’t necessarily an app designed to improve your pace while pounding the pavement, but it’s one to be aware of if you prefer to run alone. By storing a library of friends and family in one place, you can invite your trusted contacts to virtually accompany you in real time. Anyone available who accepts this invite will be able to track you via GPS and receive alerts if you’re not home in time.

While hopefully it’s never needed, BSafe will also automatically take video and audio, detailed with location and time stamps, and store it in a server which can be accessed at a later date.

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