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Game of Thrones fans unite – months of trailers, teasers, rumours and spoilers have finally come to an end!

The GoT season six premiere is set to launch in a matter of hours, and we expect the flurries of last season’s finale will rage into a blizzard as we learn the fates of those left hanging on a knife-edge. There’s only one fact we can all agree on – Jon Snow must be feeling pretty chilly by now.

If season five is anything to go by, we know our favourite stars will be sporting iron-hard bodies to fight off White Walkers and gain control of the seven kingdoms. The Mountain always has us sheepishly reaching for our protein shakers, and it’s obvious that the Lannister’s always complete their reps…

Unfortunately, most of us don’t spend our days climbing ice walls and dodging arrow clouds – we are stuck with far less dramatic ways of getting fit. While we can’t really compare the campus gym to a fighting pit, why not mix up your usual workout with a GoT twist?

If the squat rack is your deadliest foe, our ironclad workout will help build your battle-ready bod. The best part? It’s mandatory you watch the latest episode of our favourite back-stabbing, dragon-riding drama while you sweat it out.

So squat like Jon Snow is watching and hit play on the season premiere!

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