Scholarship Recipients

In 2016, The University of Queensland, through UQ Sport, welcomes more than 40 new and returning elite athlete scholarship recipients.

Among this year’s ranks are prolific Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship, Australian and state-level athletes representing 18 sports – from Rhythmic Gymnastics, Rowing and Rugby to Equestrian, Football and Fencing!

Sports Achievement Scholarship:

Nate Dennis (AFL) – B. Engineering (Hons)/B. Biotechnology

Jonathan Macanawai (AFL) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education

Nikola Bojic (Athletics - High Jump) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education

Brandon Herrigan (Athletics – Hurdles) – B. Regional & Town Planning

Kirra Womersley (Athletics – Hurdles & 100m/200m) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education

Clara Smith (Athletics – Race Walking) – B. Engineering (Honours)

Dane Bird-Smith (Athletics – Race Walking) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education

Kobie Donovan (Athletics – Shot Put/ Javelin) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Maddison Keeney (Diving) – B. Science

Isabella Wilkinson-McIntyre (Equestrian) – B. Economics/ B. Commerce

Jamie Young (Football) – B. Health Sciences

Oliver Crane (Hockey) – B. Business Management

Hannah Astbury (Hockey) – B. Arts

Megan Williams (Mountain Biking) – B. Commerce

Tara Hinchliffe (Netball) – B. Psychological Science (Honours)

Maddison Hinchliffe (Netball) – B. Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Annabella Sorby (Netball) – B. Science

Gabrielle Simpson (Netball) – B. Physiotherapy (Honours)

Laura Clemesha (Netball) – B. Psychological Science

Kimberley Jenner (Netball) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education

Caitlin Cronin (Rowing) – B. Engineering (Chemical)

Blaine Heseltine (Rowing) – B. Engineering (Electrical)

Jordan Lenac (Rugby Union) – B. International Hotel & Tourism Management

Samuel Wallis (Rugby Union) – B. Arts

Harry Hockings (Rugby Union) – B. Commerce

Jacob Williams (Rugby Union) – B. Business Management /B. Arts

James MacMillan (Rugby Union) – B. Business Management

Angus Galloway (Sailing) – B. Business Management

Brenden Hall (Swimming) – B. Exercise & Sport Sciences

Gabriella Palm (Water Polo) – B. Arts

Kieran Mulcahy (Water Polo) – B. International Studies

Lara O'Brien (Windsurfing) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education

Clem Jones Scholarship:

Breanna Koenen (AFL) – B. Physiotherapy

Mia Cunningham (Athletics – Javelin) – B. Exercise & Nutrition Sciences

Shauna Herbst (Athletics - Long/Triple Jump) – B. Biomedical Science

Joshua Wigginton (Cricket) – B. Physiotherapy (Honours)

Daniel Cranitch (Cricket) – B. Business Management/B. Arts

Bronte Jackson (Fencing) – B. Arts

Chloe Litherland (Netball) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education

Abigail Meafou (Netball) – B. Human Services

Danielle Prince (Rhythmic Gymnastics) – B. Health, Sport & Physical Education

Emily Haines (Volleyball) – B. Exercise & Sport Sciences