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Do you sometimes find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise? Find regular gym workouts really dull? Newsflash – fitness can be fun!

Try this 30 minute workout…

A half-hour hit of tennis will burn around 300 calories for guys and around 200 calories for women, and the short bursts of speed you use during the game are great for toning your legs.

Here’s how to get the most out of your hitting session:

  • Warm up and stretch in the first five minutes to avoid injury.
  • Get your reflexes going with five minutes of volleying. Start close to the net and slowly work your way back.
  • Move to the baseline for five minutes of forehand to forehand hitting. Don’t overplay it, aim for a nice consistent rally.
  • Swap over to the backhand and repeat the same drill for another five minutes.
  • Move to five minutes of serving and receiving. Alternate with your partner so you get equal time doing both.
  • Finish off your session with a mini set – best of three games wins!

Tennis is so much fun, you won’t even notice you’re getting fit.

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