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Sport-inspired craft ideas to keep the kids busy

It’s the ever-present chorus of the summer holidays – “I’m boreeeeeeeeeeeeed!”

And with only a few days of holidays left, you’re probably counting down the minutes until the kids go back to school.

But there’s the one major problem: they’re demanding some last-minute fun, despite spending much of your holiday energy on trips to the beach, Christmas cooking and back-to-school planning.

It’s time to get… crafty.

We’ve come up with some fun sport-inspired craft activities that’ll keep the little ones busy for hours after they’ve finished creating!


Courtesy of KidSpot

Get the kids excited about the year to come with this Olympic-themed Hoopla game!

It’s easy to make and it’ll keep the kids busy while they compete for gold.

What you’ll need

• 5 empty toilet paper rolls
• Cardboard sheet – approx 25cm x 40cm (to use as a base)
• Cardboard sheet – approx 30cm x 30cm (to make rings)
• Green, yellow, blue, red and black paint
• Paint brush
• Craft knife/scissors
• Roll of masking tape
• Pencil
• Glue


Kids: Use the masking tape roll as a template and trace out five Olympic rings on the smaller piece of cardboard.

Kids: Paint each ring a different colour (red, yellow, green, blue and black).

Kids: Paint each toilet roll a different colour (red, yellow, green, blue and black).

Grown-ups: Once the paint has dried, cut out the Olympic rings using a craft knife or scissors.

Kids: Glue the toilet paper rolls on to the base piece of cardboard in the order of the Olympic rings (see picture). Wait for the glue to dry and your game is ready!

How to play

Have one player stand one metre away from the board and throw the coloured rings, one at a time, onto the matching toilet paper rolls.

Whoever gets the most rings on to the matching rolls wins!


Courtesy of The Mary Behind the Makings

Did someone say bowling!?

Upcycle all those spare bottles that are lying around with this fun backyard bowling set!

What you’ll need

• 10 plastic bottles
• Water
• Food colouring
• A soccer ball


Kids: Remove labels from each of the bottles. Fill each bottle with water.

Grown-ups: Add a few drops of food colouring to each bottle.

Kids: Put the caps back on all the bottles, making sure they are sealed. Shake each bottle vigorously to mix all the food colouring through the water.

Grown-ups: Add more food colouring, if needed.

Kids: Set up your game! Outside, find a flat surface and place the bottles in a triangle shape (as shown in the picture). Stand 2-3 metres away and get playing!


Courtesy of Craft Lady/Working Mom

This versatile target station will keep the kids entertained for hours!

Not only is it the perfect way for your kids to practice their aim with soccer balls, Frisbees, tennis and cricket balls, but it can also be turned into a hopscotch or agility course, should they grow bored.

What you’ll need

• 8 pool noodles, with a hollow centre (noodles can be found here)
• Duct tape
• 6 toilet paper rolls
• Scissors
• 2 thin stakes


Grown-ups: Cut each toilet paper roll lengthwise.

Kids: Roll up the toilet paper tube and insert half into a hollow pool noodle. Attach the other end of the noodle by inserting the other half.

Grown-ups: Secure with duct tape.

Repeat with five more noodles.

Kids: Tape together the six rings (in a 2×3 formation, as can be seen in the picture).

Grown-ups: Secure together with duct tape.

Kids: Use the remaining two noodles to create the posts. Line up a noodle with the shorter side (side with only two hoops) of your rings so that the top of the hoops and the top of the noodle are in line.

Grown-ups: Secure each end hoop to the post with duct tape. Repeat with the other end.

Grown-ups: Hammer two thin stakes in to the ground, deep enough that they will be able to support the target station. Fit the target station on to the stakes.

Kids: You are ready to play!

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