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Forget slayin’ on Candy Crush, quit swipin’ on Tinder and give Angry Birds a break – we’ve got the apps that will really satisfy your appetite.


Price: Free

There’s nothing more confusing than the tiny nutritional information table that worms its way across our packaged goods. Now you can keep calm and put the magnifying glass away, because Bupa and The George Institute have done the hard yards for you. FoodSwitch is an app to help you make healthier choices. Simply scan a product barcode, and the app will generate a straightforward rundown on its fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt, and energy content – even recommending healthier alternatives.

Available on Apple and Android


Price: $0.99

It always seems the best recipes are brought to you from America, courtesy of the Imperial System. Unless you’re a maths whizz with an appetite for complicated sums, it’s a pain and a half to translate pounds and ounces to digestible quantities. Enter Amount; the app that conveniently converts measurements so you can go forth with confidence that your cake will rise. Plus, it’ll convert currency, length, clothing sizes, angles (if you ever fancy measuring a hill), and calories!

Available on Apple


Price: Free

Are you one of those foodies that have an endless stream of internet tabs open on your phone, so you don’t lose that delicious recipe you came across on Facebook last Tuesday? Free yourself from tab-overload stress with Yummly, a recipe discovery app that lets you save recipes to drool over at a later date. What’s more, you can punch in your cooking preferences to receive a digital recipe box, videos, recommendations and a ‘smart’ shopping list. Have an inconsolable aversion to coriander? Yummly’s got your back.

Available on Apple, Android and Windows


Price: Free

If #foodporn is your most used hashtag, and you only have Instagram for the sole purpose of hunting down ridiculously good-looking grub, foodgawker is your jam. It’s basically an endless stream of only the highest quality, mouth-watering photos submitted by food bloggers from around the world. If that wasn’t drool-worthy enough, it even has a collection of over 330,000 recipes. We recommend BYO bib.

Available on Apple


Price: $5.99

Vegan and vegos unite for a revolution of the plant-based variety. Happy Cow is the world’s most popular vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurant guide app, helping you to find an eatery anywhere in the world suited to your veggie needs. Even if you’re ribs-deep in buffalo wings in the heart of Texas, Happy Cow will help you find something more a-peel-ing.

Available on Apple and Android