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It's awesome being part of a sports club

On the fence about joining a sports club this uni year? Or is it not even on your radar?

Well it should be! It could be one of the best things you do at uni (…aside from getting your degree of course).

There’s heaps of reasons why joining a sports club could be a great decision for you. We could reel off the clichés about how it’s a good way to stay fit, meet new people and how it can help your grades – which it actually can by the way.

Instead, we thought we’d get the clubs themselves to tell you what’s s awesome about being in their club.


You can make some of your best uni friends playing sport. And as these clubs rightly say, nothing beats the rock-solid camaraderie of being part of a team.

There’s no better feeling than singing the Club song with 14 of your best mates after a victory. The friends you make at UQ Rugby you will have for life.
Cameron Chater, UQ Rugby Union Club

Playing for UQAFC is a unique experience where male and female footballers with varying levels of skill level come together to play football, get fit, make friends and celebrate it all with rousing renditions of the Club song ‘drunk last night’.”
Michael Swann, UQ AFL Club

UQHC is a fun, social, inclusive club that plays to win on the field.  It’s the Redman spirit that makes UQ Hockey stand out from the rest – UQHC players bleed red and blue.
Nick Miller, UQ Hockey Club


But not all clubs have rigorous training sessions and tough club competitions. Some like to chill out and enjoy themselves…

We have boats, sunshine and happiness. So if you want to party, learn to wakeboard and waterski (in that order), we can help. We’re more about fun than competition. Clothing and team bonding, optional.
Nick Casey, UQ Wakeboard and Waterski Club


Lots of clubs can take you to new, exotic places or overseas for club competitions. White sandy beaches, epic landscapes, delicious Asian food. Yes please!

You go outside, hike in amazing locations, climb mountains, feel that adrenalin rush and learn skills that allow you to explore more of the world. UQMC = Choose Your Own Adventure.
Nicholas Tierney, UQ Mountain Club

I think our Club slogan sums up what we’re all about: ‘Real volleyballers do it on the beach!’
Sarah Rose, UQ Beach Volleyball Club

It’s racing in Sydney. It’s yacht cruising the Whitsundays. It’s ditching the books for the island beaches. UQ Sailing is everything beyond University. It’s the life sailors choose to live.
Matthew Fiddler, UQ Sailing Club

We canoe in great natural places – from tranquil rivers to exciting whitewater, and sheltered bays to ocean surf. You can compete in races or canoe polo at the UQ Sport pool, or just a paddle in the river for fitness and fun. Awesome!
Martin Wynne, UQ Canoe Club

Table tennis is the most popular racquet sport in the world. You can have a social hit at our Club or test your skills by travelling with us to state, national or even international tournaments!
Kenneth Wong, UQ Table Tennis Club


Sports clubs aren’t just about fitness. Lots of clubs can also help to boost your confidence or help you de-stress. You can even learn other important skills such as self-defence.

Meaningful, fun, rewarding exercise; great people; and I never thought I’d be able to punch through roof tiles!
Lily Fletcher, UQ Tae Kwon Do Club

Judo is a Japanese martial art, a competitive sport and a great way to build fitness, strength and confidence! Our classes teach practical techniques including throws, chokes and armlocks which are then drilled and practiced during very realistic and safe forms of ‘free fighting’ called randori.
Stuart Parke, UQ Judo Club


Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, you can join in. UQ clubs are open to absolutely everyone. Simply find a club you know you’ll enjoy being a part of and get stuck in.

Ultimate is a universal language that is spoken by many people around the globe; from Canada to Switzerland, India to Kenya, our Club’s community isn’t bound to just UQ.
Tim Copland, UQ Ultimate Disc Club

We’re the largest football club in Brisbane today! Offering women and men’s elite, competitive or social 11-a-side football on campus, we’ve got something for everyone.
Craig Pilon, UQ Football Club

Whether you’re tennis tournament standard or looking for some friendly match play, the UQ Tennis Club welcomes tennis lovers whatever the level of your game.
Doug Bergman, UQ Tennis Club

These are just some of the clubs you can join. With over 35 sports clubs on campus, there’s bound to be one out there for you.

So what are you waiting for? If you like what you’ve heard from the clubs so far, be sure to check them out this O Week.

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