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Do you ever look round the gym and see the same people, doing the same workouts?

C’mon we all do it – look at other gym-goers and analyse what they’re doing and how they do it.

You get to know their routines and become familiar with their gym habits.

Seriously, if you’ve never stopped and thought “I wonder why he’s doing his push ups like that…” then you’re clearly immensely focussed on your own workouts. And good on ya.

Anyway, the point is, have you ever stopped to wonder what you look like when you workout?

Or more specifically what animal you might resemble…?

Yes people look at you too. Not in a bad way of course. Unless you’re being a douche.

But if you’re curious to know where you fit in to our animal gymdom, take our quick quiz and find out what animal best suits your workout style.

“Why animals?” you ask. Just ‘cause really, plus they’re funny, furry and cute (well, some of them).

So which one will you end up being…?

Remember, be honest and don’t forget to scroll down for your full workout animal description!

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