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Happiness is… not having to set the alarm for the next day.

It’s a nice concept – snuggling deeper into your doona instead of trudging to the daily grind – but one we rarely relish. In fact, when life gets hectic, sleep is the first thing we cut from our schedule. You don’t really go to bed – some naps are just longer than others.

It’s true we take sleep for granted, relying on caffeine stimulants to compensate for our lack of Z’s. We underestimate the importance of sleep, but in reality, time spent in bed asleep is time well spent. If you’re tired of sporting 50 shades of dark circles and are ready to refocus on your dreamstate, here are our doze-worthy reasons why you should be hitting snooze more often.


Sleep improves our attention span and ability to focus, as information filtering (deciding what’s important, and discarding what isn’t) requires a fully functioning brain. They work in harmony – like yin and yang! Even the Queensland Brain Institute agree with us, finding a strong connection between getting Z’s, and feeling pleased.


Believe it or not, your brain forms memories as you sleep. Snoozing will help you learn a new task, as the brain replays activities from earlier in the day as you doze. This is why you have a harder time remembering what happened on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead after having a sleep-deprived week of Netflix’ing Orange is the New Black.

Whether you’re learning a new language, studying for an exam, or simply trying to remember the shopping list, forget-it-not with a good night’s kip!


Sleep is the best remedy for any problem. Indulging in a horizontal life pause (because ‘taking a nap’ sounds way too childish) will help you to process information. Your brain uses sleep to reflect on the day, solving problems as a result.

Unconscious thinking actually leads to better decision-making, as it removes bias and emotion from judgement, weighing importance more accurately. So next time someone asks “Batman or Superman – whose side are you on?” we recommend you sleep on it. If your alarm clock gets jealous of your relationship with your bed too soon after you hit the hay, try the carefully crafted MP3’s from AcousticSheep to help you fall asleep faster.

Next time you can’t decide if you need a hug, an extra large coffee, or two weeks of sleep, we recommend getting some shut eye. Take a timeout to improve your napitude, regain focus and gain perspective. Once you’re fully recharged, why not squeeze in a short workout to double the endorphin rush? Eat, lift, sleep, repeat has always been our mantra!

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