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Madly rushing to work from the gym, phone alerts and ringtones consuming every waking hour – the constant hustle and bustle of a fast-paced life…

Sound familiar?

With endless conversations and countless distractions only a notification away, it’s no wonder we wander around in a constant state of stress and fatigue.

You might have the urge to hide under the covers. Don’t. Instead, use a hobby to zone out and keep calm.

Think of hobbies as a long stretch after an intense weights session in the gym. You don’t expect your body to recuperate without recovery, so why do you expect your mind to work without a break?

Hobbies are the perfect way to unwind, clear your mental palate and recharge your batteries.

Give your brain a break and de-stress with these healthy hobbies.


Plant yourself in the afternoon sun and get your hands dirty with a hobby that relaxes as much as it rewards – gardening. Paint your thumb green to focus your mind on an activity that isn’t usually part of your regular routine, breaking the daily grind to release pent-up emotions. Before you start working over-thyme in the herb garden, do a quick Google search to give yourself an introduction to gardening, and some basic grounding on how to keep plants alive.


If you’re going to eat anyway, why not make a meal of it? Don an apron and let the methodical work of following a recipe relax your mind. Grate, chop and season your troubles away as you activate your senses with every taste, touch, sizzle, and smell. Plus you’ll save a bundle by not eating out! 


Whether you’re a crossword whizz, word search fanatic, Sudoku master, or jigsaw genius, puzzling can send you into a meditative state. Spending a little time each day working on a challenging project (such as a 1000-piece puzzle) will stimulate your mind, and encourage reward-driven learning. With each breakthrough, your brain will release the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine, leaving you feeling positive and satisfied with a job well done. 


Listening to music is proven to be one of the most effective ways to de-stress, and can even positively change our perception of pain. Whether you’re discovering new bands, listening to old favourites or simply switching on the radio, your mood will be quickly influenced by the speed of the music you’re tuning into. Try slow, quiet, classical music to relax, or turn up our Ultimate Workout Playlist to pump up your energy levels.


Lace up and run your troubles away with the cheapest form of therapy – exercise. Running, even for 15 minutes, will flood your body with happy endorphins, improving your mood, sleep patterns and stress levels. You don’t have to be a born athlete, either – try powerwalking around your neighbourhood, or jumping on your bike for a similar effect. After all, if your body feels better, so will your mind! Lacking motivation? Try our top running apps to give you a little extra push.