Applying for elite athlete status

The University of Queensland (UQ) is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) as an Elite Athlete Friendly University. The UQ Elite Athlete program operates out of the UQ Sport Academy and provides support to elite student athletes as they pursue a dual career in sports and study.

To contact UQ’s designated elite athlete support staff please email or phone the UQ Sport Academy 3346 6243

Elite athlete eligibility

To be eligible for Elite Athlete status students must be representing Australia or a State or Territory of Australia in a ASC supported and recognised sport. Students who fall outside of this definition may still apply however the decision will be at the Academic Registrars discretion. For more information about eligibility and considerations afforded to registered elite athletes, please see the Programs and Assessment for Elite Athletes Policy

How to apply

Athletes are to apply in writing to the Academic Registrar at Applications must be sent from the students UQ email account and must include the sport, semester of application and student number.  

Applications MUST include supporting documentation verifying current state or national representation and upcoming competitions. Supporting documentation must be provided by a state or national sporting authority. Supporting documentation will be accepted from:

  • A state or national Coach or Official/Manager
  • Sporting institutions such as the Queensland Academy of Sport
  • Professional associations such as the Australian Cricketers Association

Supporting documentation MUST be in PDF format on an official letterhead and signed. Applications that are submitted incorrectly will not be considered.    

Once approved

Approval for elite athlete status is only valid for 1 semester. Athletes are required to re-apply if consideration is needed in a subsequent semester of study.

Should you require support to manage your elite level sporting commitments with your study please contact  

As an elite athlete you are eligible for a UQ Sport High Performance Pass, which provides a heavily discounted Gold Membership and discounted strength and conditioning services at the UQ Sport Academy. You will also have access to free Elite Athlete Workshops throughout the semester.

Please allow 7 business days for applications to be processed.



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