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This pyramid workout will build strength and aerobic fitness. Using dumbells and a barbell, you’ll work your shoulders, back, triceps and arms, perfect for easing yourself back into a fitness routine.

Tag this weights workout on to the beginning of a treadmill cardio zinger for a well-rounded, full body blitz.


Pyramid-style training builds muscle, and can burn fat too when used in a high-pace workout. It’s a time-efficient workout, using longer sets to fatigue target muscle groups, forcing muscles to adapt and grow.

It’s a simple style to follow, and by swapping in new exercises, you can keep the body guessing and add variety to your training.


In a pyramid-style workout, we step the sets and repetitions, meaning we start with high reps and work our way down to low-zone reps. For maximum impact, choose challenging weights for low-rep movements, and lower volumes for use with high reps.

This workout has 2 rounds. For Round 1, start with Exercise 1, working your way to Exercise 5. Take a 2-minute break, then begin Round 2 with Exercise 5, working your way backwards to Exercise 1.


Now over to our awesome personal trainer Elisa for a demo so you can try it out for yourself!

Round One
  • 50 lateral & front raises⁠
  • 40 dumbbell flies⁠
  • 30 barbell bentover row⁠
  • 20 overhead tricep extension in a standing position⁠
  • 10 overhead shoulder press⁠

Rest for 2 minutes.

Round Two
  •  10 overhead shoulder press⁠
  • 20 overhead tricep extension in a standing position⁠
  • 30 barbell bentover row⁠
  • 40 dumbbell flies⁠
  • 50 lateral & front raises

Happy training!