How not to be a douche when you workout

Wednesday 25 February 2015
  • Workout etiquette

There are a lot of ways you can be a bit douche-y when working out. 

Maybe not on purpose… Sometimes you may not even realise you’re doing it. Perhaps you’ve seen others doing it and think it’s OK. Or maybe you’re not sure what the appropriate etiquette actually is...

Whatever the case, we aren’t here to be the exercise police. Far from it.

We just want to help everyone have the best workout they can, without having to deal with any douche-y goings on around them.

So for those who are a bit hazy on the definite don'ts, here are a few pointers on how not to be a douche when you workout: 

Don’t share your sweat

Can you think of anything grosser? 

A guy sweating a lot

OK, so maybe you can, but still… 

If you’re a gym goer, please, please, please, pack a towel. No one likes to be sprayed with bodily fluids mid-workout.

Bringing a towel to the gym is one of our conditions of entry.

You’ll also find disinfectant and paper towels all over the gym. Wiping machines and equipment after you’ve used them is MUCH appreciated. Leaving a sweaty surprise for the next person is NOT.

Don’t be a potty mouth

Angry man swearing

Obviously we’re all human and swear words sometimes slip out. 

But if your foul language is more x-rated than accidental, then we can happily provide soap for a little mouth washing sesh.

Don’t act like you own the place

I’m sure you’re normally aware of other human beings around you. However, some people are not.

Girls interrupting a tennis game

Inconsiderate behaviour and just generally being obnoxious, is not OK. It is disruptive to others working out.

Please be mindful of when others are exercising around you and be sure you’re not cutting into their workout.

Don’t make annoying noises or drop weights

Squatting 200kg

Screaming, grunting, singing, roaring, etc. puts people off their game and can distract others from what they’re doing.

We get that extreme effort usually involves some noise but next time you feel like unleashing ‘beast’ mode, maybe try to tone down the OTT sound effects.

Also, unnecessarily chucking weights around may just one day make the Fitness Centre fall down. Not to mention, it scares the bejesus out of people. Please go easy if you can.

Don’t get up in people’s grill

Sometimes space can be a bit of an issue, especially at peak times. But there is being a bit squashed, and then there is invading people’s personal space. Or in other words, “please get your butt out of my face.”

Bad odour in yoga

A good indication of distance would be if you can reach out your arm and jab them, probably a bit too close. We don’t want people getting black eyes when you’re doing reverse shoulder flies.

Need another distance marker?

Well if you can smell them, then you’re definitely too close for comfort. And on that note, it doesn’t take much to spray deodorant before you hit the gym, just to keep odours under control.

Don’t leave a mess

This one’s pretty obvious...

Making a mess in the gym

Unless you want to bring your mum to the gym, please tidy up after yourself and put things back where you found them. Thank you!

Don’t be a hogger

When the gym’s super busy, tensions run high and it can sometimes be a bit of a battle over equipment and machines.

Before you set up camp, please keep in mind that someone else may be waiting to get on that machine after you. 

Hogging gym equipment

So if you’re sat on the leg press wondering why you’re getting evils, maybe it’s time to move on.

Don’t behave like a two year old

Having a tantrum because you are losing is ugly, snatching stuff is rude, breaking things is bad form and cheating is just plain childish. 

Broken tennis racquet

Don’t be that person. Stay in adult.

Don’t misuse facilities or equipment

If you don’t know how to use a certain piece of gym equipment or you’re not sure on what the ‘rules’ are in some of our venues – please, just ask.

Poor lap swimming etiquette

We have trained professionals and venue staff who are always on hand to help you out or answer any questions, however silly they may sound.

Selfies – just don’t

Ahhh the gym-check-out-my-rear-duck-face selfie. The unicorn of all stupid selfies.

Gym selfie

The sole purpose of gym mirrors is to help make sure you’re getting your technique right. Not to flex your muscles or for you to let the world know you think you’re hot in the most douchetastic of ways.

Plus the poor weed in the background probably doesn’t want his red, sweaty face on your Instagram page.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for you guys taking photos at UQ Sport. 

So please, snap away.

Let's try to all workout in harmony

At UQ Sport, we want everyone to have an enjoyable experience getting fit and staying healthy. This includes doing everything we can to help douche-proof your workouts.

Of course, there are those out there that know full well when they are being a workout douche. I’m not sure this post is going to get through to them, but you have my full permission to say to them: “Hey! You’re being a douche.”

Amy Cox

Amy is UQ Sport’s resident blogger. She’s a peanut-butter loving Brit, who exercises to eat whatever she wants. You’ll find Amy either in the gym, playing badminton or doing the wrong moves in group fitness classes.