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If there’s one thing being a student has taught you, it’s this: the 10 minutes in between classes is the most valuable 10 minutes you’ll have all day. But how do you spend yours?


Breaking free of the lecture hall, you’ll hear our whistles blow in the Great Court around midday each week, energising your day with free sport and activities.

Brynlea broke up her choc-a-block day of classes with a spot of Connect 4 Basketball on the green outside Merlo. “I think it’s good to get out and get some good endorphins. It’s relaxing, gets your mind off study.”


Natasha agrees – her favourite part being that Rec Sport is absolutely free. “It’s better than a sedentary break. You can do it with friends, and it really wakes you up in between classes.”

Rec Sport is for the days you’ve spent your last $20 at the Red Room. It’s a rotating schedule of activities you can play on the run in between tutorials. No activewear is needed and zero sporty skills are required. It’s not about the competition, instead offering you something a little different to have fun and try your hand at something new.


“It’s a different way to have fun with your friends,” says Hannah, aiming a basketball to get her third shot in a row. “It really spices up the week!”

There’s only so much coffee you can drink with friends, so next week come have a hit, kick or dunk for free with us instead. From Connect 4 Basketball and Backyard Cricket to Novelty Tennis, you never know what activity we’ll have next. Check out the UQ Sport website to find out where we’ll be next.

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