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Would you like to set Gatton as your preferred campus?

Remember that time we asked you to have your say? How we pestered you and enticed you with competitions?

Well, the results are in – and we’re pretty excited to share with you the results of our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Firstly, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took part. You had your say, and we heard you loud and clear. We’ve poured over your feedback, taken your comments on board and are now hard at work to give you the best UQ Sport experience possible.

Here’s what you told us…

We were stoked to have over 1,000 customers tell us that their overall UQ Sport satisfaction is high, at 86%. In fact, not only that but 87% of these customers are very likely to continue as a UQ Sport customer in the next 6 months.

Of the people who answered our survey, 58% exercise two or more times a week and 80% of them are part of the UQ Community!

Year on year, we have heard your comments and made improvements to our services and facilities. Some of the things we have already implemented, based on recent feedback are:

  • Continued introduction of healthier food options across our venues: since 2015, a wide range of healthy food options were introduced (protein balls & powder, coconut water, salad & healthy snack vending machines, probiotics drinks) and we’ll maintain stock of those with highest demand.
  • We have made hairdryers available and have also reviewed the shower’s temperature in the St Lucia Aquatic Centre changing rooms.
  • We have extended our opening hours at Gatton, with no more closures over lunch time.
  • We have added additional group fitness classes at Gatton and will evaluate demand and options to introduce programs that target older people where possible.
  • We have introduced specialist coaching for both adults and kids programs, so we can be more focussed in the development of each of these areas.
  • We’re currently reviewing our entire website to improve navigation and make it easier for you to find information on our programs.
  • We’re currently working on the implementation of a new leisure management system which will:
    • Allow the creation of a customer loyalty program to provide more value for money for family bookings as well as reward ongoing customer patronage.
    • Streamline the process to book our courts online.
    • Expand and facilitate the communication of class cancellations and weather updates, special opening hours and events on campus that will impact parking availability.
    • Create feedback communications systems to inform parents of their kids progression in our programs.
    • Facilitate sign-in into group fitness classes not held at the Fitness Centre in Gatton.

In addition to these, we’re working on the following improvements:

  • We’re in conversation with UQ regarding ongoing upgrades and the future redevelopment of our existing facilities, including the Fitness Centre, in order to improve capacity, amenities and customer comfort.
  • We’ll continue to enhance our rolling renewal plan for new gym equipment.
  • We’ll continue our rolling tennis courts resurfacing plan whereby four courts are resurfaced each year.
  • We have plans in place for upcoming improvements to the Tennis Centre’s changing rooms.
  • We have plans in place to increase the provision of drinking water at the tennis courts.
  • We’re currently planning a review of our badminton and squash courts.
  • We’re making provisions for the future installation of a sun shade in the main pool.
  • We’ll introduce an ongoing direct debit enrolment into our kids Learn-to-Swim program, so parents don’t need to re-enrol their children at the beginning of each term.
  • We’ll continue to improve the changing room cleanliness across all of our venues at both St Lucia and Gatton.
  • We’ll continue our ongoing training in customer service to ensure our staff remain approachable and helpful at all times.

We really appreciate your ongoing feedback, so at any time feel to complete a feedback card at our venues or email us directly.

Thanks again fitties, we can’t wait to make your 2017 UQ Sport experience the best yet!

Aquatic Centre (St Lucia): selected areas closed for maintenance