UQ Diving Club

Get in over your head with Unidive, UQ’s scuba diving club.

The Club organises dive trips to amazing locations almost every weekend around Brisbane and South-East Queensland. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your own diving equipment, Unidive has well maintained gear for hire at very good rates. The Club also has its own 5.9m rigid inflatable dive boat, enabling visits to most local dive sites. The Club meets weekly at the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre for pool training.

Are you ready to discover magical worlds...under water?

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Meeting Place

Brown Shed behind UQ Sport Aquatic Centre (please email to confirm).

UQ Sport Aquatic Centre (27)

Meeting Times

Thursday6:00pm - 7:00pm


Come and experience the world's only three dimensional sport!

Underwater Rugby is played in a 5-metre deep pool and requires players to score a basket on the bottom of the pool by lifting off the goalie.

With six players per team in the water at a time, the sport involves constant substitutions and is highly strategic.

Anyone is welcome to come and try and, as a developing sport, the focus is on having fun and building camaraderie through the thrill of learning a new sport.

The University of Queensland Dive Club uses the activity to keep fit. Underwater Rugby is played on Thursday nights at UQ Pool and Monday and Wednesday at Chandler Aquatic Centre.

Come down one Thursday at 7.15pm to try it out!

Contact training@unidive.org or social@unidive.org to confirm training times, or visit our Facebook page.