Gatton Come & Try

Step up to the UQ Sport stall this Market Day on Thursday 26 July to take full advantage of your uni experience! Explore all things sport as we showcase all we have to offer, from sporting facilities, programs and clubs, to social sport and group fitness. Whether you're Sporty Spice or athletically challenged, we've got an activity that will keep you fit and have you hanging with a new squad.

Sign up to any 12 month membership and we’ll give you $100 off the price to kick start becoming a better version of you. When you join, you’ll sweat today to shine tomorrow across our Gatton weights and cardio gym, Group Fitness classes, and pool.

Already a member? Students who renew during this period can also benefit from this amazing promo!

All activities run for one hour unless stated otherwise.




ABT stands for abs, butt and thighs – meaning this intense and dynamic workout helps create that washboard stomach, buns of steel and shapely legs! Suitable for all skill levels, this class focuses on those really hard to tone areas.

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This class is a whole body workout, involving a wide variety of both cardio and strength exercises. Our instructors introduce new activities all the time – from shuttle runs and body weight exercises to boxing and equipment circuits – keeping you motivated and eager to improve your fitness!

Suitable for all abilities and ages, this outdoor fitness class is an intense workout in a fun group environment. Come by and try it, just be sure to sign in at reception first.

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When life gets tough, put on your boxing gloves! Have a go at a bout in the ring in this Boxfit taste tester during Come & Try.

Perfect for those looking to get in shape, this class will leave every limb burning from exhaustion. You'll feel stronger than ever with each strike, keeping your body guessing and building muscles you never knew you had.

Get hooked and remember to wear comfortable clothes and ensure sign-in at reception beforehand.

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When it's too chilly to swim, hitch a Badminton net instead!

Hit the shuttlecock poolside at the UQ Sport Gatton Fitness and Aquatic Centre to get the blood pumping after a holiday slump. Bring your friends or we'll find you some chums to battle it out for bragging rights. Be part of the action for free - simply sign up at the reception desk.

Spaces are limited, so check-in with staff at the UQ Sport Fitness Centre reception desk.

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Dive in for a swim at the UQ Sport Gatton Fitness and Aquatic Centre, Monday to Friday during Come & Try. Bring your togs and goggles for a dip between 10am and 2pm – just remember to sign-in with reception staff on arrival.

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Introduce HIIT into your life today!

HIIT, short for ‘high intensity interval training’ is a class that combines short bursts of energy followed by a rest period, allowing you to burn significantly more calories than moderate-intensity exercise.

Not only that, HIIT has the impressive ability to increase your metabolic rate, meaning you’ll continue to burn calories after you’ve finished exercising! Pretty neat, eh!

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This popular Group Fitness class is a Pilates workout that isolates and works deep into the muscles of the butt, thighs and abs. Using the Pilates technique, you’ll develop a great external physique and strong core stabilising muscles, making this class a must for both women and men.

Spaces are limited, so check-in with staff at the UQ Sport Gatton Fitness and Aquatic Centre reception desk.

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If you want big, bulging guns, you won’t want to miss our Strength Fit class!

The barbell-based workout is designed to challenge every major muscle in your body and get you hooked for more! So don’t miss out and try this class to see what everyone’s talking about but remember to sign in at teh UQ Sport Gatton Fitness and Aquatic Centre reception first.

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Dive into the UQ Sport Gatton Fitness and Aquatic Centre this week to lap up free Swimfit training with your fellow water babies!

Our team of coaches will get your blood pumping, from wading to fast paced strokes. Bring your togs and goggles and make sure you say hi to the reception staff when you arrive.

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Yoga is a calming, slow and flowing movement that emphasises breathing and relaxation techniques while improving muscle strength and control, posture, balance, flexibility, and mental awareness. Suitable for all ages and for those with no previous yoga experience, so come along and give it a go!

Spaces are limited, so check-in with staff at the UQ Sport Gatton Fitness and Aquatic Centre reception desk.

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