UQ Sport Engage


How do you sport?

The track is set, and we’re warming up to take on a marathon of a different kind.

UQ Sport Engage is a brand new initiative to help us plan for the future so we are keen to hear from you about:

  • What you know about us
  • How you view your relationship with us
  • The values you perceive we represent
  • How we can best meet your needs and expectations now, and into the future

We may not be perfect, but we want to support your fitness journey the best way we can. Your feedback will help us better serve YOU by building on our strengths, and improving those areas that aren’t top notch.

UQ Sport Engage is different from past Customer Satisfaction Surveys as it focuses on values, expectations and our relationship with you.

And, so you know we’re listening, we’ll keep you informed of the findings.


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