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Coaches and instructors

  • LaurenPersonal Trainer

    Improve your life with allrounder Lauren

    Lauren thrives on watching her clients achieve their goals through training success. When she’s not improving the lives of her clients, you’ll find Lauren running or on the beach – or maybe both!

  • DanielPersonal Trainer

    Be the best version of you with Daniel!

    Originally from Longreach in Central Queensland, Daniel will help you be the best version of yourself. Strength and conditioning are his favourite tools to increase your power, and improve your aerobic fitness for a full body transformation.

  • JohnPersonal Trainer

    Sweat with our Master Trainer John!

    Fitness is John’s passion and with 10 years’ experience under his Master Trainer belt, he’s well-equipped to help you achieve any training goal. He has a (not-so-secret) addiction to sneakers, specialising in all things bulking up and leaning down.

  • JosephPersonal Trainer

    Achieve your best with Joseph!

    Find purpose and direction while having a blast with Joseph! A killer chef in the kitchen, he’ll find your perfect recipe to smash goals and conquer challenges to live a healthier, happier and stronger life.

  • AnnePersonal Trainer

    Jump in the boxing ring with Anne!

    For Anne, being active is her therapy. Whether it’s a boxing bout or tabata round you’re after, Anne’s passion lies in improving lives using health and fitness. If she’s not in the gym, you’ll find Anne flying high with the Caboolture Gliding Club!

  • JoshuaPersonal Trainer

    Learn and conquer with Joshua!

    Listen and learn from Joshua, a master lifter and form extraordinaire. He shows his clients they’re capable of so much more than they think, even coordinating an English Conversation & Coffee Meetup group. Catch Joshua at BrewPoint The Deck for a caffeine hit before your workout!

  • GabiPersonal Trainer

    Set a new challenge with Gabi!

    Build fitness and be active, fit and healthy in your day-to-day with Gabi! She loves helping her clients achieve whatever challenge they set their mind to. Gabi tests her own boundaries training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu each week, constantly finding new skills to master.

  • MadiPersonal Trainer

    Madi will keep your eye on the prize!

    She’s a state volleyball star and grew up with five older brothers, so you know Madi is a tough cookie with her eye on the prize! Madi’s passion for health and fitness will expand to a Master of Dietetics in 2020, admitting her favourite part of training is seeing her clients achieve beyond what they thought possible.

  • ElisaPersonal Trainer

    Share your wins with Elisa!

    Elisa is here to help you achieve your goals. She’s a source of motivation, getting just as excited as you when you start seeing results. A fun fact about Elisa – she once won a Burger Challenge, downing a 1.36 kilogram beef burger, complete with ham sliced a half-centimetre thick, plus French fries and onion rings! If that’s not perseverance in pursuit of a goal, we don’t know what is!

  • RyanPersonal Trainer

    Smash your goals with Ryan!

    Take control of your health and improve your performance with sports-lover Ryan! If you’ve got a goal, Ryan will get you there – he’s a firm believer that hard work and consistency make for a one-way ticket to smashing targets. If he’s not grinning ear-to-ear at another client’s success, Ryan’s gorging on Anime, or giving his thumbs a workout playing video games.

  • CiaraPersonal Trainer

    Find out how strong you really are!

    Ciara’s background in Olympic weightlifting will have you utilising strength training for weight loss and overall fitness. From training pre and postnatal women and mature-aged clients to working with those preparing for competition, Ciara will make your impossible, possible. When she’s not snatching or jerking, you’ll find Ciara competing in local weightlifting events or polishing her runners to compete in her next ultra-marathon.