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Coaches and instructors

  • JohnPersonal Trainer

    Sweat with our Master Trainer John!

    Fitness is John’s passion and with 10 years’ experience under his Master Trainer belt, he’s well-equipped to help you achieve any training goal. He has a (not-so-secret) addiction to sneakers, specialising in all things bulking up and leaning down.

  • ZacPersonal Trainer

    Smash your goals with sporty Zac

    Zac has an extensive sporting background, and uses this to help his clients achieve their goals across a broad range of fitness areas. When Zac isn’t at the gym, you’ll find him studying his Masters Degree!

  • LaurenPersonal Trainer

    Improve your life with allrounder Lauren

    Lauren thrives on watching her clients achieve their goals through training success. When she’s not improving the lives of her clients, you’ll find Lauren running or on the beach – or maybe both!

  • DanielPersonal Trainer

    Be the best version of you with Daniel!

    Originally from Longreach in Central Queensland, Daniel will help you be the best version of yourself. Strength and conditioning are his favourite tools to increase your power, and improve your aerobic fitness for a full body transformation.

  • EthanPersonal Trainer

    Ready to push yourself with Coach Ethan?

    Ethan’s passions are around athletic development and performance science, and he has a scientific approach to training and testing protocols. Ethan also plays basketball for UQ and has experience working with both Olympic and Paralympic athletes – this being a particular interest of his. With his technical skills and experience, Ethan can help you get the results you’ve been looking for!

  • JoshuaPersonal Trainer

    Learn and conquer with Joshua!

    Listen and learn from Joshua, a master lifter and form extraordinaire. He shows his clients that they’re capable of so much more, even coordinating an English Conversation & Coffee Meetup group. Catch Joshua at BrewPoint for a caffeine hit before your workout!

  • RyanPersonal Trainer

    Get on the gains train with Ryan!

    Long-time gym goer and sportsman before becoming educated to help others! If you’ve got a goal, Ryan will get you there – he’s a firm believer that hard work and consistency make for a one-way ticket to smashing targets. If he’s not grinning ear-to-ear at another client’s success, Ryan’s finding the best food spots in Brisbane and spending time with family and friends.