Sunset Pop Up: Silent Disco Yoga

Ever wished you could hear your yoga guru whispering sweet, sweet flows in your ear?

Rock out with your chakras out at Silent Disco Yoga – a chance to namaslay your worries and bend-away negative energy, silent disco-style! We're rolling out the mats in the great outdoors and letting the warm earthy tones and cool blue hues of the sky be our guide as we stretch at sunset.

Are you a Silent Disco Yoga newbie? Keep calm and picture a Vinyasa yoga setup. Now add headphones. Set a stellar sunset as the backdrop. Throw in some mood music, and completely immerse yourself in a yogic journey. Zone out, take those big loud breaths, and shavasana your way to Zen.

Escape the outside world and listen from within with your new favourite yoga buddy – wireless headphones – and plug into your music channel of choice in one ear, as your live instructor guides you through flows in your other ear. Your beats are specially designed for inverting, twisting and contorting, so they’ll sit snug from the first downward dog to the last child pose.

Plus, every yogi flexing their asana muscles will score an awesome goodie bag, filled to the brim with treats, prints, exclusive offers, and all things holistic!

The deets:

So get buddhaful and find your inner bliss at our Sunset Pop Up: Silent Disco Yoga event!






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Event Date

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - 17:00