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While winter for the rest of the world means hunkering down in layers of thermals, Brisbane does it a little differently. Blue skies and balmy temps rarely send us into hibernation, so if you’re feeling at a loss in the gym, why not take it outside?

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, or a workout newbie, there’s always going to be days you can’t bear to face the gym. We’ve rounded up the best outdoor adventures in-and-around Brisbane to mix up your workout routine.


Since we can’t have warm winter days, and powdery white snow too, King George Square has transformed into an enchanted white wonderland that will melt your heart. Featuring a mega open air ice rink, falling snow and an ice slide, this is a family friendly affair for all ages.

Not only will you be huffing and puffing after a few swift laps of the rink, but ice skating is a great exercise to build lower body strength. You’ll be skating on thin ice come morning, though – consider this your booty-burning warning!


There’s no such thing as an unhealthy obsession for strawberries in our books, so why not eat your heart out strawberry picking? With the berries currently in season, now is the perfect time to get your fix. Enjoy an afternoon of LISS (low intensity, steady-state cardio), taking a stroll through rolling fields of hidden red gems, and pick until your heart’s content.


Get your blood pumping by taking on the ultimate stair climbing challenge – Stadium Stomp! Step, sweat and smile as you tackle 5,000 stairs up, down and around flights at the Gabba on July 30.

Feeling game? Grab an unlimited pass to stomp as many times as you dare from the first wave ‘til the last! With proceeds going to various charities, this is definitely not a challenge for the faint hearted.


Gear up for a walking track that delivers it all – the Cape Byron hike takes you on a journey through rainforest, beach, grassland, and clifftops to the iconic lighthouse. If the panoramic views from Mount Warning to seaside villages aren’t enough, as the most easterly point of Australia, it makes for the perfect whale watching location. You’re sure to get a serious aerobic workout on this two-hour climb!


Set your sights on the horizon and kick off training for the Bridge to Brisbane! There’s nothing more motivating than working towards a solid goal, so lock in August 27 as your deadline, lace up your trainers and get moving.

Winter makes for some spectacular sunrises in pink, purple and orange hues, so set that alarm early with the promise of pretty skies sure to get you out of bed – but don’t worry the sunsets are just as spectacular if you’re more of a night owl. Check out our favourite inner city running tracks for the best views – the Bicentennial Bikeway and Kangaroo Point cliffs!

There you have it – our favourite faux workouts for when you don’t feel like working out. Not convinced? Perhaps dancing your way to washboard abs, or diving into a toasty 29 degrees is more your winter workout style.