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It’s the nails-on-a-chalkboard whine we’ve all heard before.

“Mummeeeeee I wanna play one more gaaaammmeeeee! I don’t wanna go outsiiiide!”

Unplugging your kids from the technicolour screen is asking for a temper tantrum, but not disconnecting your little ones for at least one hour of moderate activity per day could result in weak muscles, self-doubt and the attention span of a goldfish.

Set your child up for a lifetime of success by instilling healthy habits at a young age. By getting active, kids form subconscious habits to include exercise in their day, a routine they will continue into adulthood.


No doubt you want your child to feel good about themselves. Challenging them in an active way will improve their self-esteem as they develop new and exciting skills. Give your youngsters a strong foundation of learning and development, teaching a mindset to try new things, take healthy risks and problem solve effectively.

The more kids run, play and laugh, the more their physical skills will inevitably improve. As their strength increases, so does their psychological wellbeing. Your little sports star will kick new goals, feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin, and learn how to use their own merit to persevere and overcome physical and mental obstacles.


Beat insecurities and negativity before they creep in to your child’s teen years by livening up a static routine. Getting active stimulates your brain chemistry in a way that improves your frame of mind. Increased levels of feel-good chemical serotonin will put a smile on your child’s dial, even in times where their emotions are being tested.

Having fun in a supportive environment, like having a splash with buddies at our Aquatic Centre, fosters a sense of belonging, challenging kids to achieve something new and exciting. Not to mention, giving your kids the tools to manage emotions might make those trying teen years a little bit easier to deal with!


Feel-good chemical serotonin’s partner in crime is the cheeky endorphin – when these two pair up they don’t just leave us with a happy attitude, but improved mental focus and cognitive skills. The Active Kids, Active Minds study by The University of Queensland found that daily physical activity provided kids with a greater attention span and an eagerness to learn. Kids whose time in the classroom was supplemented with active breaks were able to learn the same content in a shorter time frame. Imagine a world where your child’s homework takes a mere hour to complete, instead of an epic battle of maddening proportions. Mmmm… pure bliss.

Whether they’re shooting hoops, or practising downward dog, dedicating an hour a day to an active pastime will set your little one up for a champion life.