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Your phone rudely awakens you at 6am – time for that run you’ve been planning. You know, the one you postponed yesterday… and the day before. So if you’re in need of a little extra motivation, come join the team at UQ Sport and try one of our group fitness workouts!

One of our favourites that will get your heart pumping and your muscles in fine shape is HIIT and Tone.


High Intensity Interval Training may sound like an activity best left to the pros, but it’s really a killer fat-loss workout suitable for all types, no matter your fitness level.

HIIT combines short bursts of effort where the body is pushed hard, followed immediately by periods of extended rest – it’s done to boost metabolism and decrease body fat.

And that’s just the start of the benefits.

HIIT sessions kick your body’s repair cycle into ‘hyperdrive’, meaning you’ll burn more calories in the 24-hours after a workout than you would having gone on a steady-paced jog.

Yes, you read that correctly – more calories burnt after you’ve finished working out!

You’ll also enjoy a significant increase to your metabolism. This is all due to the fact HIIT stimulates production of your human growth hormone (HGH) by up to 450% during the 24-hours after you’ve finished your workout.

Still not convinced? The American College of Sports Medicine has found HIIT improves both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity (which helps the exercising muscles more readily use glucose for fuel and make energy), cholesterol profiles, and more!

So what you waiting for? Check out our Group Fitness timetable and you might not even need to set that alarm.